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Dec. 28th, 2008

i doubtorz anyone really cares...nore notices sincei have yet to update in months till now..

BUT i got a new LJ account and you can eaisly find me under simple Kiziku

But yea...Happy new year

Well well well

Looks im back to drop another boom

And not a happy Im going to otakon and blakes coming and all that bull shit

Nah...Im mopey ...down right misserable

May be due to the fact that my periods coming and these are the days i cant surpress it or find something to cheer me up

Duck and i arent doing so welll (no surprise there) 3 years just dosent seem so ....awsome any more

It just feels so....i dunno long ...-sighs-

maybe cause i went to PA and found this guy and he was really nice and i liked him alot and then something happened and then things went down hill..

I told him in away i was content with being just friends but my heart is screamin NO NO! I want more i want to be with you...I want to love you...

And ugh.its so annoying so stupid...I dont know what to do...except pop my meds and go hanging out with my friend whos downstairs going on a killing spree most likely in GTA 4 xD

...well later days


Man did inot tell ya's! I totally knew i drop writing in this journal like a bad habit lol xD

Oh well tis not like anyone actually read this...but ifeel like i should say life sucks..cause i really cant tell anyone

I lost my job about 3 months ago...For some bull shit reasons that piss me off and got denied for unemployment..

So im totally broke down to like 320 on the nose...maybe less

on top of that no one is answering me about otakon and its pisses me off to no hell!

If i could just have someone else drive along it be so much fucking easer cause i really hope they dont excepct for 8 people to fit in my tiny ass car and if they fucking do There shit out of luck
I'll just cancel everything from the hotel and and shut down the project and go with my boyfriend ex boyfriend and just drive down to the con and spend time with my friend...Oi im so doing that next year fuck everyone esle...they can rot in hell next year

Speaking of my ever loving boyfriend next year is our 3 year annerversariy! HOLY FUCKIN SHIT!

-spaz- 3 fucking years...and i still havent met him in person -le gasp!-

I'm Baaaack

Good god how long has it been since i wrote here?

I mean jeeze the last time i updated was the beging of the year o_o

So yea i thought i start writing here again (Lets see how long this last ey?)

But not much going on I went to otakon yes FUCKING OTAKON!

One the biggest nerd conneventions next to anthrocon and i wanted to go =/ it woulda been fun but i'm poor

i saw one of my best guy friends Brandyn (Aka Silky) And stayed with him and his friends and my ex/ best guy pal Erik

It was fun... so much fun Im alread planning for next year, and hopefully more people will come so i can get my own room with friends i already know Like erik emmy, and d-chan

also Duckie squee @_@;

Yes were still together 2 years and 3...4 months? I lost count XD!

we've still yet to meet sadly...But i cant wait to see him next year yes i shall finally get my paws on him! Mwhaha

Um...I still work at walmart...Uhhh! I might see gege next year which would fucking Rock o_o Omg gege and me at otakon...OH GOD THE HORROR XDDDD!!!

*i love you gege <33**

mlerf...I dunno what to say..


The end

Excitedly yours

Kizi aka Kiki

Ps artwork to show how much i improved yay?

And if you steal shall be ripped apart by my rabid dragons >>

The smallest love by *NyokoAkio on deviantART

New year

Happy New Years guys

(geuss who got a tablet for their birthday x) )

*gnaws on the brains of the living*

Holy shit its been forever ey?

Well yea lots of things happened...Im still in school

I work at walmart (aka blake AKA my boyfriend XD) was supposed to come over but we couldnt do it

um..were still togeht 1 year and 7 months =D soon to b 8

Labrets still periced...I turned 19

and yea..

Nothing much to that

Weeeee! *sneezes*

My god its good to be back in school n.n

Just to see everyone and hugs glore! kizi is loved!

my gums hurt though D:...there a pin in the ass totake care of to but oh well in a few months ai can get a lip ring >D! YAY! SEXY! *pose*

Oh well HOME WORK NOW! Up up and away! *flys off*


Yea..i got it done =D

hurt like fuck but it was worth looking this sexy

two updates in one day!

Lets see how long this last ey?

HAs anyone missed me in the last few hours =D?...didnt think so *munchs* mm...$1.00 cheetos are yummy

There are some advantges to working at walmart...espically on anight shift you get all the good deals before there even let out to the public n.n!

and lets see...after i get paid im gonna go get a percing Woot! Its kinda present since my parnets didnt take me to south carolina i might be huffing the bill but its not to bad

Yay for labret pericnings! And for my birthday tongue pericing >D!

Feh I dont know what to write xD I lost my train of thought so i'll leave it here

Kisha lives

Grrr! I am here to eat brians!! (This gonna be one looooooooong post)

Marf jesus how long has it been since i posted? uh...somtime in july and its what fucking september XD? Omg

Okay first off..I still work at walmart! Wee its really not so bad...everyones nice and super sweet, i get paid alot..then again i work over 80 something hours every 2 weeks

But i get paid 400 something for those 2 weeks yay! not to mention i got a 40 cent raise(whoopie?) So i get a little more now woot

But erm....Oh yes duckie and i have been together for a year and 4 months now! YAY! *wiggles joyfully*Annnnnnnd! He might come down for christmas @_@ Which is like OMG I GET TO SEE HIM! and snuggle and smooch and just do all sorts of things with! And where gonna go to time square for new years eve <3 this is gonna be the best christmas/new years evah if he comes merf...i hope he does..

SPeaking of that...anyone know where i can get cheap bus tickets << ?

Erm yea..School starts super soon to so Betwwen work and school heres my schedual x_x

Mondays :
ARTS-111-001RL - Drawing I
James Wesley Sherman Monday 02:00PM - 04:50PM
CVA 210

ARTH-105-800RL - Art Appreciation
Ralph R Burin Monday 06:00PM - 08:40PM
CVA 104

(yay art classes)

Tue: Work 7am - 4pm
MATH-012-801RL - Prealgebra, Part II
Albert K Tang T,TH 06:00PM - 07:50PM
TMC 002

Wed: ENGL-121-809RL - English Comp: Writing Process
Dina Long Wednesday 06:00PM - 08:40PM
LAH 231

Dina long..*giggles* xD

Thru: Work: 7am -4
MATH-012-801RL - Prealgebra, Part II
Albert K Tang T,TH 06:00PM - 07:50PM
TMC 002

Fri- Off but working

Sat-sun: work

Kisha's gonna be uber busy...*sad* And not much time to spend with blakeyboo..*snuffles*

Yea...and hm..I should go get ready for work yus..